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R&D / Engineering Consulting Services:

Located in Silicon Valley, we offer 25 years of R&D and engineering experience with resources focused in instrumentation and micro devices. We strive to take on challenging R&D projects in the areas of high precision instruments and device development for commercial and research applications.

R&D and engineering services include:

  • Custom electro-mechanical instrumentation
  • Micro actuated medical devices
  • Micro mechanical component design
  • Micro laser welding
  • Firmware and control system development

We also offer sales and service for high precision ultrasonic instrumentation:

For cleaning micro components using ultrasonic cleaning baths, it is imperative to have process control in place in order to insure thorough cleaning. In order to gain process control in a high performance ultrasonic cleaning application, closing the process control loop on your ultrasonic cleaners is critical. We offer simple, proven and robust NIST traceable instrumentation for your process control needs. We are the primary worldwide supplier of Sonic MeterĀ® instruments for use in quantifying cavitation of ultrasonic cleaning tanks.

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